Confirmed: President Donald Trump Will be Running for President In 2020


It was announced by Vice President Mike Pence that President Trump will be running for president in 2020.  This will make him a two term president.  President Trump has made significant changes in the White House.  He’s stirred the liberal pot cleaning up all the messes that the former administration left behind. Now it’s time to clean the liberal kettle for good.  The new slogan for 2020 could be KAGVT  “Keep America Great Vote Trump.”  It sounds good to me!



It Becomes a Face Off Between the Republicans and Democrats

The democrats are trying to block every move that President Donald J. Trump makes to get his Cabinet in order.

There seems to be so much democratic disorder.

They don’t want blocked borders.

They refuse to accept Senator Jeff Sessions as the new attorney general even though we had to put up with the race-baiting real fast and furious gun runner, Eric Holder.

Every day the democrats get bolder.

You would think that they are in control of the hen pecking order.

Now they’re even saying Supreme Court Justice nominee Neil Gorsuch is unqualified.

When in reality he’s the most qualified.

Now the republicans are threatening to go nuclear.

Will this finally make the democrats see that boycotting doesn’t mean they’re  in charge of the order?

That President Trump has the standing order.

He’s the president let him get his Cabinet in order.

The president has the top ranking order!

By: Republican Poet









Alveda King Makes Big Announcement Who She Voted for, It Was Donald Trump



Dr. Martin Luther King Jnr’s niece Alveda King makes an announcement on Martin Luther King Day that’s going to shock some people.  She announced today that she voted for President-elect Donald J. Trump.  She says quote, “while I voted for Mr. Trump. my confidence remains in God, for life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.”

Donald J. Trump Jnr. also posted a picture of himself meeting Alveda, praising her as an amazing and vocal supporter.  Alveda has also praised Trump’s plans for the black community as promising.



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Trump’s Inauguration Day Planned By God’s Hand

President Trump must walk by faith, not by sight.  He must realize that his fight is not his fight alone but he was born and created to be a light.  Just as a ship looks for the nearest light in emerging dark waters to reach the shore. He’s the man holding the torch in the darkest night upon the darkest hour.  And God will be there to make sure that there is a peaceful transition of power.  Darkness cannot overcome the light, but light overcomes darkness. God is the one who positions one with power, and in that final hour, the light shines across rumbling dark waters to guide the lost in the dark, back into the light without a fight.  It’s a day of reckoning. It’s a day of strengthening!  It’s a day of awakening!  It’s a day when all come together for a new and fresh beginning. It’s Inauguration Day! It doesn’t matter what others say, it only matters that God has put you in place for this special day!

Just as God chose David to rule over Israel, God has chosen President Donald J. Trump to be President of the United States of America. He chose a man who had the heart of David.

Psalm 75:7
It is God alone who judges; he decides who will rise and who will fall.

Psalm 75:10
For God says, “I will break the strength of the wicked, but I will increase the power of the godly.”








General James Mattis Says It Would Be an Honor to Serve those that Volunteer to Protect Our Country



General James Mattis is ready to take the position as secretary of defense and comes with a very long list of approvals from the pentagon to many patriots. Everyone agrees Mattis is the right man for the job!  There couldn’t be a better pick for the times were in.  He comes with his knowledge and experience in war history and world history that’s long overdue!  This is more proof that America’s not through!  For those patriots that humbled themselves and got on their knees praying for a breakthrough in America.  Here comes, bright and dutiful, General Mattis!



So Far: No Security Threats Forecast for President Trump’s Inaguration

US Homeland Security Secretary Jeh Johnson announced on January 13, 2017, the goverment does not see any immediate threats for the inauguration of President-elect Donald Trump, pictured (AFP Photo/Saul Loeb)

Dulles (United States) (AFP) – US security authorities organizing Donald Trump’s inauguration as president next week plan tough barriers against the kinds of jihadist-inspired truck attacks that left dozens dead last year in France and Germany.

Homeland Security Secretary Jeh Johnson said Friday the government sees no immediate threats for the January 20 inauguration, during which close to a million people could amass in downtown Washington.

Johnson said US authorities have ramped up security preparations in light of the rise of “lone wolf” type attacks, including recent atrocities in Nice, France and Berlin, Germany in which attackers drove trucks into large crowds.

But he stressed: “We know of no specific credible threat” to the massive event.

Addressing reporters at a secure communications facility west of the capital where dozens of US agencies will coordinate security for the quadrennial event, Johnson said 700,000-900,000 people are expected, including 99 different protest groups.

Some 28,000 security officials will be deployed.

Count Down: 7 Days Until Inauguration Day

It was seven days until Inauguration Day. And liberal Hollywood said let’s go on a strike until Trump resigns.

They were ready to put out and post all their opposing lost signs.

Meanwhile, President-elect Trump’s cabinet was getting stronger by designed Devine Power.

The liberals were getting ready to be soaked by a republican long-awaited wet rain shower.

All the meetings of the minds, Tahlequah were going on in the President-elect’s Trump Tower.

There was now too much willpower that succeeded manpower.

Oklahoma’s own Toby Keith was now committed to the great show.

It was going to be one heck of a show.

Even Oklahoma’s Governor Mary Fallin would be attending the great show.

Toby’s patriotic instinct was telling him to be ready and pack some gunpowder.

After all, when you get Oklahomans involved you see real firepower.

It was now estimated that America’s own military over 5,000 would be there with their fingers on the trigger.

That was making the Inauguration even bigger!

It was seven days until the great show!

and it was beginning to snow.




















Senate Okays Waiver for General Mattis to be Defense Secretary


Senate has passed waiver for General “Mad Dog Mattis” to be defense secretary.  It looks like General James Mattis will be our new defense secretary, it hasn’t been confirmed yet, but there should be no problems.

He comes from the old school college.

ISIS is about to get a cranial rectum inversion in their bottoms.

He’s about to solve the world’s problems!

Trump knows he has the true warrior’s  knowledge.

It won’t be long and we will hear of the dark evil fallen.

More evil than Joseph Stalin!

They’re like short triggered torpedoes falling…

That need a touch from the higher calling that ends with a good brawling!

Mattis hears the loyal calling!




Go, Mad Dog, Go!











WSJ: Reports George Soros Lost 1 Billion Because of Trump Win

George Soros has lost 1 billion dollars because Trump won the presidential race.  You could say that the patriotic Trump’s in his face.

Every American that read WikiLeaks now knows that Soros is a total disgrace.

He baited the race.

And he left a trail of bitter smoky traces.

We can only imagine the Soros crippled pace.

Since President-Elect Trump braces to replace the infamous Obama leaving Hillary lost in space.

It was a phenomenal race.

Won by grace!

Debate during release of George Soros' 'Tragedy of the European Union: Disintegration or Revival?' book , Brussels, Belgium - 30





Count Down: 9 Days Until Inauguration Day and McCain Goes Insane

It was nine days until Inauguration day and Senator John McCain gets a dossier on Trump that he can’t prove that’s true.  John McCain still singing the loser’s blues.

He may of drank too much brew.

We could hear the republicans boo!

Why would McCain release a story to Buzzfeed if it wasn’t to get even?

It sounds like a nasty document for someone to get even.

Come on, John McCain, this is insane!

It sounds like a story from someone with a drained campaign that had too much champagne.

That reads like an ancient story from Pent House Magazine with the libido of someone eighteen.

Can someone please get through the smokescreen!

Someone from BuzzFeed came up with this story who has no spleen.

Very unclean!

John McCain











Count Down: 9 Days Until Inauguration Day

It was nine days until Inauguration Day when President Elect Trump gave his first press conference.

He was about to score more confidence. He stood there bold not about to accept any more intolerance.

But the BuzzFeed rhinoceros had pushed his buttons with bold stewed lies of intolerance.  The stories they were printing were preposterous his ties with Russia spreading like an uncontained enterovirus.

Hitting every nerve, but President Elect Trump stood there throwing them a hard curve.

He proved that he was a true Country’s man ready to serve.

By releasing all of his companies equities to his sons, who we all know much deserve. And all his profits from his hotels, where foreign dignitaries stayed be donated to the federal reserve.

He proved to America for once and for all, that he was there to serve with his heart’s desire.  And if his sons in any way let him down they would be fired.













Count Down! 15 Days Until Inauguration Day

It’s fifteen days until Inauguration Day and Tucker Carlson replaces the infamous Megyn Kelly on Fox News.

He does it by getting the most views! He’s the new king of night-time news.

We want to wish Tucker Carlson with each step he takes clean polished bright shiny shoes.

That could take on any confused liberal news including the once known tip nosed Megyn Kelly who seemed so confused.

Tucker has proven he can diffuse all the liberal lies and propaganda by the mainstream media news.

And make sure the inauguration of President Trump is seen through faith’s eyes, and the story of Russian spies is more liberal lies through snake eyes.







Count Down: Twenty Days Until Inauguration Day

It’s twenty days until Inauguration Day of our new President when he finally takes all power.  When out of the blue, singing the blues sat President Obama. He said with a wispy cough, this would be a good day to play golf.

He tossed and turned in his sleep not being able to stand on  his two feet, it was a bad night he couldn’t find his lost sheet. He felt sudden defeat.  He weakly stood up from his bed and said, I have a new idea that will stop Trump from reaching power, I will turn out all the electrical power, and the people are too stupid to know that it was me, they will think it was an electrical solar shower.  I will prove to Soros, once and for all that I’m the one with all the brainpower.  Everyone will think the Russians did it! It will explain the big hit! And I will go into my well-known Obama fit! But the big man with all the clues, knew what was up Obama’s sleeve.  The soon to be president sent out messages to his patriotic elite.  Come, now, Pence! Who has the gift of commonsense.  Come now, Bannon! It’s time to light the patriotic cannon. Come now,  Flynn! It’s time to disrobe the wolf in sheep’s skin. Come, now General Mattis! Who has the clearance,  of high military status with the perseverance of a wise wolf caught in the snow.  Come, now Kelly! Who has a nose for the dirty and smelly! They were all now preparing for the great show. This was it, the big show must go on!  They all got on their cell phones crossing all barriers and time zones, bypassing all mindless skulls and dry bones. They all agreed the big show must go on! It was just twenty days more until Inauguration Day!


It’s Official Trump Gets Electoral College Votes: He’s The 45th President!


Okay, it’s official Trump is our new president! He made it! Did you really ever have any doubts?  We can all exhale now and breathe, and celebrate Christmas by hanging a new red, white and blue Christmas wreath.  God bless America and every man and woman that voted for him! Now what do the democrats have up their sleeves? Oh, please! Let our new elect president take the position without any insane grieving permission slips. and let all apocalypse preppers who are modern day shepherds dismiss the apolcalyptic letters that left a cryptic note that left many pondering, who will get out and vote? For those who led the many can now take a proud bow, and do it with much sincerity, knowing how close stale death came to the nose. But instead America rose that brought a feeling back to stiff numb toes and slowed all foes!




Rudy Giuliani Announced He Wants To Be Secretary of State


Rudolph William Giuliani born May 28, 1944 in Brooklyn, New York is best known as serving Mayor of New York City from 1994 to 2001.  Mayor Giuliani gained worldwide recognition after showing himself to be the New York hero, to the nation in the aftermath of 9/11.

Rudy Giuliani as we all know him as now; was a great inspiration during after the presidential campaign for President-elect Donald J. Trump, he never wavered, he stood beside him. When others turned against Trump as some abandoned pack of stray dogs waiting for the kill, Rudy was loyal to the end. I can’t but wonder if these same stray dogs that turned on Trump will do it again at an abrupt time.  All I can say is, “choose wisely.”

Not every creature on  the planet can be tamed!

Even after, they’re renamed,

They’ll never claim the blame.

There’s a blood that runs deeper than water.

And even then, it only takes one drop to pollute the fresh spring of water.

Keep it pure and strained.

Or start completely over through the drained.


Rudy Giuliani: “Trump is greatest victory for people of America since Andrew Jackson.”






President Elect Donald J. Trump Names Reince Priebus as His Chief of Staff

Reince Priebus

President Elect Donald J. Trump names, RNC’s Reince Priebus as his chief of staff. We can still hear the loyalty in his voice that echoed through the hearts of the republican people, ‘it’s time to come home.’ He had no idea at the time that he would be working in the White House. President Elect Donald J. Trump is wasting no time putting together his translucent warrior team. I can picture this as a time in history as when King Arthur selected his knights of the round table. What a great exciting privileged to be apart of his select team!  What a great time in history to see and witness the republicans flow upstream. We all know that Chief of Staff Reince Priebus is already doing a great job!  After all, he’s on the right side of history in making America Great Again!

President Elect Donald J.Trump:for the People to Repeal and Replace Obamacare with No Waiting Gaps


President Donald J. Trump recently said that he would replace Obamacare with a new healthcare plan with no waiting gaps in between.  That Americans who were worried about their personal healthcare plan, need not to worry, because they were working on a plan that would replace Obamacare with a plan that would effectively be put into place.  Out with the old, in with the new. Many people have been worried about their healthcare plans with their premiums suddenly and unexpectedly skyrocketing to levels that surpassed their expectations.  And many analyst are even realizing that the sudden increase in Obamacare could had been the fatal stab to the Clinton campaign among others.  President Elect Donald J. Trump has many things on his plate as he takes office as America’s newest and brightest president; and Obamacare’s one of his highest priorities among many others.  We can all join together in prayer and pray for our new  First Family that Father God will give wisdom to our new leaders and protect them and guide them with His light always shining on them in favor, love and wisdom for their new vision to make America Great Again!




When The News Media Played Shock and Awe: Americans Went Underground and Started The Grassroots Movement

The media decided long ago that Americans didn’t really need to know the truth. They just needed to believe what was reported during the presidential pre-election.  They thought of Americans as dumb and wouldn’t tread  on untreaded waters.  It left many of us to search deep and wide like a scuba diver diving into unchanneled waters.  We learned which ones were telling the truth and which ones were willing to take the chances for a country they loved!  They would dive deeper and deeper, coming up for air forgetting about their undone hair. There were new pioneers going out to discover and reporting the truths. There were women that left their chores undone with the promise of getting to them later and putting their families on hold, to find the truth.  There were Americans shaken to the core by the disruption and blanked lies that were being told.  Americans were basically lied to, told don’t bother going to the voting booth.  We all know how it’s going to end, you might as well stay home and not make a stand. It’s already been decided, the cold media’s words echoed in the hot air. More lies boiling in the stew, they told. The media we once knew sold. A new era was born, getting ready to unfold. Some call it the grassroots movement.  See, we learned how to search and identify the truths.  We learned how to discern lies and truth.  Sadly our American media bought into a lie forgetting that they’re not the ones who choose but in a democracy, we the people choose. America’s liberal media in a spell was left intoxicated in a cloudy hot tub with  Bill and Hillary Clinton where big heads swell. We all know the Washington Post, CNN, New York Times and Politico were all apart of the gross hot tub scene.