Mueller & McMaster Caught Colluding with Islamist and Soros, Trump Delivers Brutal Surprise


President Donald Trump scares the hell out of the elite much more than anyone

ever knew.  They are so threatened that they’ve unleashed Robert Mueller and H.R. McMaster, who we just learned are colluding with enemies of America, the State, to sabotage President Donald Trump.  Conservative experts report that this may very well lead to something catastrophic that they never saw coming, and it’s all part of the brutal surprise Trump’s about to drop on them.


General H.R. McMaster Named and His New National Security Advisor

General H.R. McMaster announced today by President Trump as his new National Security Advisor.  McMaster is a graduate of West Point and earned his PhD degree at North Carolina’s Chapel Hill University.   He’s the author of a best-selling book Dereliction of Duty where he examines the mistakes made during the Vietnam war in which he blames Washington D.C.  McMaster served in the army during Iraqi Freedom and has a chest full of medals, he’s more than qualified for the position of National Security Advisor. McMaster can take a look and see the mistakes that were made during the former administration on what they should have done to prevent the rapid sporadic growth of ISIS and now what it will take to exterminate them from existence and stop this deadly growth from spreading in America.