The Great Trump Border Wall Will Be a Solar Wall

How ingenious is our president?  He said he would make Mexico pay for that wall, but it looks like with these new plans the wall will exceed itself and pay for itself.  Only President Trump could think of such a great idea.  The taller the wall and wider the more energy it will produce.  We are talking about a wall with state of the art technology.  I get excited just thinking about it!  Think about a wall that could signal law enforcement of the most wanted criminals.  A wall that takes pictures, and projects this image across the wall to the most wanted list. Could this wall read fingerprints and facial images? Could President Trump possibly get an award for the most energy saving person in the world? Could we eventually see these border walls in all gullible states?  Yes, and the liberals are shaking their heads, oh, no, not him, again!  Yes, when President Trump sets his mind to do something, wisdom sets in and the job gets done! Go, President Trump, Go! Build that wall!  Should it be called the Wall of Wisdom?


border wall


President Trump Signs Executive Order To Start Construction on Border Wall

It was another wake-up call for America!  That echoed throughout the clear and present day. “Start the construction of the border wall.” He boldly said.  It was words that would bring reassurance to many Americans that were concerned about the Syrian refugees coming across, whether they had good intentions or not, or if they had been cleared or not.  It was words that brought comfort to the sleepless and nailbiting to the globalist and socialist.  It was another Trump dart thrown in the right direction that all patriots cheered on…Trump was wasting no time in reshaping and repositioning America.  He was the new revolutionary president his footsteps ordained by God!

Approval rating as of today for President Donald J. Trump at 57% and climbing!

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Donald Trump’s Best Election Quotes

“Make America Great Again!

“The Bible is my favorite book!”

“Mexico isn’t sending their best, they’re sending rapist and criminals.”

“We have to protect our borders with a strong wall and a door to let the good immigrants into America.”

“I would build a wall, and I would make Mexico pay for it by charging them a tariff.”

“I cherish women, I can do more for women than anyone.”

“I have more female executives than men, they’re great!”

“I really, really, love America!”

“I would take the oil from ISIS, then I would hit them hard.”

“I would have helped payoff the national debt before it became so high.”

“I have a very big heart.”

“I would get rid of Obamacare and start a healthcare savings account.”

“I think, I would make a great president.”  “President Donald Trump.”

“I think I’m a lot like Reagan, he was a very nice guy, he started out as a democrat, but he changed to a republican.”

“We don’t make deals anymore, we have stupid people.” “Japan is killing us.”

“China is killing us, they take our jobs and our money.” “And we owe them money.”

“I want to cut taxes. I want to put H & R Block out of business, I want to simplify the tax system.”

“Boots on the ground, I would make our military so strong that nobody would want to mess with us.”

“I told them not to go into Iraq, but they wouldn’t listen.

I said. “You’re going to go in and destabilize the Middle East, we knocked off one of them and now ISIS has taken over.

“We have to go in and take the oil and stop the money coming in from their banking sources.”

“That will be the beginning of the end.”

“Then we take their money and the money we get and take care of our wounded warriors.” “And we give money to the people there.”

“I hate to inherit a bad deal.”

‘By the time I get there, they will be very rich because, Obama will have given Iran a lot of money.”

“The Iran deal, is a horrible deal.”

“I think I’ll be equally great at taking care of our military.”

“I’m going to make this country so strong, and so proud that you’re going to be so proud to be a citizen of the united states.”

“I know how to manage.”

“We’re going to save Social Security.”

I don’t understand it, they tell me, my tone is too strong, there are Christians and others getting their heads cut off, and they’re telling me, my tone is too strong.”  “It should be strong.”  “America’s in a mess: people are dying.”
“Jeb Bush has no energy, the people are probably sleeping.” “He’s boring!”

Go, Trump, Go!

President Trump

It does sound good!

“Obama hasn’t done a thing for black people, he’s let immigrants in America to take their jobs.” “He’s ruined the job market for the black youth in America.” He’s ruined it for all the youth.”

“I don’t think the 14th Amendment includes anchor babies.” “A woman is at the border, she’s pregnant, delivery expected any day, she comes across.” “We now are responsible for that baby, welfare, education and social security.” “We have to take care of our own first.”

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