Globalist Seek to Isolate President Trump and Take Him Out

Globalist are isolating President Trump.  President Trump has started his own news to counteract the fake news.   People are being blocked from Twitter accounts that like what President Trump post.  This is an all out attempt to stop the success of President Trump.  We have a president that humbles himself to pray for our country. He accepts no income for his job as president and has created over 1 million jobs since being president.  He’s proven over and over again, that he loves America.  And the elite are ready to throw America under the Islamist bus.  We hear rumors of a possible assassination attempt.  We hear rumors of a civil war.  The question remains, why do some Americans want to destroy America that has been the strongest country in the world.  When Obama was president we saw the military cut by 30 percent.  We saw our men and women in uniform coming back delivered in military caskets.  And now, we have a president that respects our military and law enforcement and the good guy is now becoming the evil guy; because he wants to take care of our country like a real president.  It’s so sad to hear how epic it is that they want to isolate him and take him out and the cowards around him that won’t stand up and defend him.  This is so sad to sit back and watch the filthy political corruption of the globalist that comes from the smelly stench of all the people that Soros has killed for self-gain.   Why can’t they just arrest and prosecute the people that are involved in the Deep State take over?  Where are America’s heroes?


President Trump may be surrounded by a lot of cowards, but he has one hero behind him that has his back, Jesus Christ!

Father God, I lift President Donald Trump to you.  I pray for a hedge of protection around him.  That your holy angels will guide and protect him in his daily walk and when he sleeps at night.  I ask Father God, that you give him the gift of wisdom to outsmart his enemies that are a globalist, many. I pray Father God, that his fight is your fight and all the evil is finally exposed.  Whatever has been hidden in darkness will be brought into the light.  All deceivers will be exposed, all of those that have or plan to commit treason against our country will be exposed. Father, I pray for your safety over America and all of our military men and women and law enforcement that risk their lives daily to keep us safe!  Oh, Lord, how great is your name in all the earth.  We give you our love and praise! Amen!



Mueller & McMaster Caught Colluding with Islamist and Soros, Trump Delivers Brutal Surprise


President Donald Trump scares the hell out of the elite much more than anyone

ever knew.  They are so threatened that they’ve unleashed Robert Mueller and H.R. McMaster, who we just learned are colluding with enemies of America, the State, to sabotage President Donald Trump.  Conservative experts report that this may very well lead to something catastrophic that they never saw coming, and it’s all part of the brutal surprise Trump’s about to drop on them.

The Highlights of President Trump’s Ninth Week In Office


March 22, Supreme Court Justice nominee Neil Gorsuch takes a verbal beating from the confirmation hearing. He dodges the traps and tells the democrats that he’s a fair judge.  He refuses to answer questions that could later be litigated in court and uses his wisdom to slide through the confirmation hearing.  But will the democrats stop him?

And through often accusatory questioning aimed at distorting his record, he forcefully defended his rulings on the 10th Circuit Court of Appeals while schooling senators on the law. He reminded the senators that “97 percent of the 2,700 cases I’ve decided were decided unanimously — and that I’ve been in the majority 99 percent of the time.”


President Trump faces many challenges head on as we hear that Obamacare is still here.

Speaker of the House Paul Ryan had all of this time to prepare for the new healthcare plan and let many people down not being prepared.  We can’t blame this one on President Trump, Ryan owns this one along with the democrats that fought to keep the failing healthcare plan.  But President Trump isn’t giving up as he says, he knows the democrats will be ready to negotiate soon to make this healthcare plan work.

I know so far God’s in control and we have to trust that God is going to give this new administration the time wisdom to make it all work.

trump ryan

The Trump Cabinet

President Donald J. Trump has formally announced that the 24 people listed below will be serving with him on his Cabinet.

Vice President Michael R. Pence

Secretary of State Rex W. Tillerson

Secretary of the Treasury Steven T. Mnuchin

Secretary of Defense James Mattis

Attorney General Jeff Sessions

Secretary of the Interior Ryan Zinke

Secretary of Agriculture-designate Sonny Perdue (announced)

Secretary of Commerce Wilbur L. Ross, Jr.

Secretary of Labor-designate Alexander Acosta

Secretary of Health and Human Services Thomas Price

Secretary of Housing and Urban Development Benjamin S. Carson, Sr.

Secretary of Transportation Elaine L. Chao

Secretary of Energy James Richard Perry

Secretary of Education Elisabeth Prince DeVos

Secretary of Veterans Affairs David J. Shulkin

Secretary of Homeland Security John F. Kelly

White House Chief of Staff Reince Priebus

U.S. Trade Representative-designate Robert Lighthizer

Director of National Intelligence-designate Daniel Coats

Representative of the United States to the United Nations Nikki R. Haley

Director of the Office of Management and Budget Mick Mulvaney

Director of the Central Intelligence Agency Mike Pompeo

Administrator of the Environmental Protection Agency Scott Pruitt

Administrator of the Small Business Administration Linda E. McMahon


Trump Tweets:


ObamaCare will explode and we will all get together and piece together a great healthcare plan for THE PEOPLE. Do not worry!


We Can All Breathe Now According to Thiel Globalization Is Over


“I’m naturally inclined to think of it in those terms,” said Thiel on the topic of how Trump’s victory showed the American people’s dissatisfaction with globalization. “There’s something around globalization that’s not been working that well.”

“The internet was designed to survive a nuclear war, but even so, I think there are a lot of regulatory challenges that Silicon Valley will be facing from Western Europe and elsewhere in the years ahead,” he continued. “There’s a technological determinism story you can tell where this is the future and China will eventually buckle under and cave and eventually adopt all of these things. But then you might wonder, maybe this doesn’t happen at all, and maybe it’s possible for the internet to actually fragment and not to have this historical necessity to it.”

Thiel added that “No one in their right mind would start an organization with the word ‘global’ in its title today,” before claiming “That’s so 2005, it feels so dated.”

“A decade ago, this was a group of people who were running the world, and now, it’s just a group of people who messed up the world,” concluded Thiel. “I’m not sure this is a good thing, but it is a fact that maybe politics is becoming more important, it’s becoming more intense, the range of outcomes is becoming greater, and that we’re in a world in which there’s a bull market in politics that’s getting started.”


Ghost of Past President Obama Could Face Charges of Sedition As Evidence Mounts

The evidence is mounting against former President Obama.  He can’t seem to stay out of trouble and out of the news.  He really has become a ‘Ghost Past President’ and he’s taunting and haunting President Trump with his civilian coup to overthrow the new administration with his paid protestors and agitators. He has to be wearing on President Trump’s nerves.  No president in 100 years of American history has ever faced the hostile life-threatening opposition as President Trump.  Obama has tried to make his time and life in the White House miserable from leaks to the liberal mainstream media to wiretapping. Most American presidents pick out a nice retirement spot and relax, not Obama.  He still sees himself as the president and a permanent resident of Washington D.C.  President Trump can’t seem to get rid of him.  He’s like an unwelcome shadow that lurks in the night waiting and watching for it to attack.  With all of Obama’s smooth talk as a silver-tongued devil.  He thought he had already overthrown the government and was prepared to be the new one world order dictator of America.  It had to be a big shock for him when Trump won the presidency. And now Obama is gasping in the deep grave of a failed legacy.   Every time President Trump signs a new executive order his dreams go farther down into the grave of disparity and Obama becomes more piracy.  It even becomes harder, mind-boggling to understand why there are those that choose a sinking titanic full of a lot of hot smoke to the real hope of posterity and a stronger America. How can America be so divided? What was it that they saw in this man?What is it that they still see as his shadow is quickly fading?



Obama Wire Tapped Trump Tower And Also Arranged Russian Ambassador To Meet New Incoming Administration

The Obama Administration secretly wired tapped the Trump Tower back in October. The Obama Administration also set up for the new incoming administration to meet the well-known publicized Russian Ambassador for the United States. The Obama Administration tried to make it look like the Trump Administration had ties with Russia when it was them that was setting up the meetings. It wasn’t unusual for the Russian Ambassador Sergei Kislyak to be seen around New York or in Washington D.C.  Matter of fact, he visited the White House under the Obama Administration 22 times.  So for the Obama Administration to claim the Trump Administration had ties with Russia it looks like it all goes back to the Obama Administration.  The Russian Ambassador also spoke at John Hopkins.  I think he was a man caught in the middle of a sour election that went bad for the Democratic Party and they’re trying to throw dissension and confusion.  But we all know who the real author of confusion is, don’t we!

Terrible! Just found out that Obama had my “wires tapped” in Trump Tower just before the victory. Nothing found. This is McCarthyism!


The first meeting Jeff Sessions had with the Russian Amb was set up by the Obama Administration under education program for 100 Ambs.


I’d bet a good lawyer could make a great case out of the fact that President Obama was tapping my phones in October, just prior to Election!


How low has President Obama gone to tapp my phones during the very sacred election process. This is Nixon/Watergate. Bad (or sick) guy!


Is it legal for a sitting President to be “wire tapping” a race for president prior to an election? Turned down by court earlier. A NEW LOW!

As former Heat Street editor Louise Mensch reported the day before the election, “sources with links to the counter-intelligence community” confirmed that a FISA court had granted a FISA court warrant in October to monitor activities in Trump tower. They were previously denied a request in June, according to the report as well as a report in the Guardian. 

The New York Times reported on Wednesday that the Obama team classified the investigation at the lowest possible level, allowing the data gathered from the investigation to be shared and leaked widely within the administration.

In January, The New York Times reported that intelligence reports based on some of the wiretapped communications had been provided to the Obama White House even though there was “no conclusive evidence of wrongdoing” between Russian officials and associates of Trump.

On Twitter, Trump suggested that he might even have legal options against the former president.

“I’d bet a good lawyer could make a great case out of the fact that President Obama was tapping my phones in October, just prior to Election!” he wrote.



“The Current State of U.S.-Russian Relations,” a discussion with Ambassador Sergey I. Kislyak, will be hosted at the Johns Hopkins University School of Advanced International Studies (SAIS).

The conversation will be an opportunity to address areas of cooperation between Russia and the United States regarding Syria, the future of U.S.-Russian relations following the U.S. presidential election, and security cooperation to combat transnational threats including terrorism.

The discussion is hosted by Dean Vali Nasr, The Foreign Policy Institute and the SAIS Russia-Eurasia Club.

Sergey I. Kislyak
Ambassador of the Russian Federation to the U.S.

Ambassador Shirin Tahir-Kheli
Senior Fellow at the Foreign Policy Institute 

Time and Date
4:30-6:00 p.m.
Tuesday, October 11, 2016
Johns Hopkins SAIS
Kenney Herter Auditorium
1740 Massachusetts Avenue, NW
Washington, DC 20036

Trump’s Deep Love for Our Military Shows

You can see the love President Trump has for our military and it shows from the moment he walks into a room where they are, he shows the ultimate respect. It’s so nice to see a president that cares for our military.  When he made a recent visit to Newport News Virginia to visit the men and women on the USS Gerald R. Ford aircraft carrier he showed his love.  I Have to say. I can’t wait to see the USS Donald J. Trump ship.  I know it will soon be coming.

A draft budget plan released earlier this week by the White House would add $54 billion to the Pentagon’s projected budget, a 10 percent increase.

“To keep America safe, we must provide the men and women of the United States military with the tools they need to prevent war – if they must – they have to fight and they only have to win,” Trump said in his address to Congress on Tuesday night.

Trump, in his 2016 campaign, repeatedly pledged to rebuild what he called the nation’s “depleted” military and told supporters at Regent University in Virginia Beach in October that the region’s naval installations would be “right at the center of the action with the building of new ships.”


Source: White House

Our men and women in uniform are the greatest fighting force in the world and the guardians of American freedom. That’s why the Trump Administration will rebuild our military and do everything it can to make sure our veterans get the care they deserve.

Our military needs every asset at its disposal to defend America. We cannot allow other nations to surpass our military capability. The Trump Administration will pursue the highest level of military readiness.

President Trump will end the defense sequester and submit a new budget to Congress outlining a plan to rebuild our military. We will provide our military leaders with the means to plan for our future defense needs.

We will also develop a state-of-the-art missile defense system to protect against missile-based attacks from states like Iran and North Korea.

Cyberwarfare is an emerging battlefield, and we must take every measure to safeguard our national security secrets and systems. We will make it a priority to develop defensive and offensive cyber capabilities at our U.S. Cyber Command, and recruit the best and brightest Americans to serve in this crucial area.

Let us never forget that our military is comprised of heroic people. We must also ensure that we have the best medical care, education and support for our military service members and their families – both when they serve, and when they return to civilian life.






The New York Times confirmed that the Obama Administration set out to sabotage President Trump’s transition to the White House from the start setting up unmovable obstacles and questions that would leave many pondering about the Russian influence.  Obama’s Administration scrambled information about Russian meddling and hacking and determined not to let the issue die and even removed such clearance levels.  They kept stirring up the black kettle of dissension and illusions not letting anything settle.

Attorney General Jeff Sessions said he never discussed the 2016 campaign issues with the Russians.  Yes, he met with the Russian Ambassador but the Trump campaign and presidential election were never mentioned. It is not unusual for foreign diplomats to meet.  Attorney General Jeff Sessions seems to be another innocent Obama target.  Then Senator Sessions met him in his office, it wasn’t in secret.

Who knows the next person they may blame might be God!  I know of people who prayed for Trump to win the presidency all the way to Africa.  It might have been a Divine Intervention.  It sounds spiritual to me!

Two weeks ago Senator John McCain traveled to Syria, we don’t know who he met with or talked with…

Senator Chuck  Schumer met with the Russians why wasn’t that brought up? He met with Russia’s President Putin.  You don’t hear anyone talking about that!


Hillary Clinton made a deal with Russia the Uranium One Deal, why wasn’t that ever brought up?

We saw through the 8 years of Obama’s presidency that he met with several suspicious eyes. We even saw after SEAL TEAM Six killed Osama Bin Laden several of them died in a suspicious helicopter crash, where someone had to give their coordinates for them to be sabotaged. There were many unanswered questions.   We saw our top military left to Muslim funerals and their bodies left for desecration. There were a lot of suspicious things during the Obama Administration.  Some were, sending weapons to the Mexican Cartel adding fuel to the fire of racial tensions.  And stealing from low-income mortgage lenders Freddie  Mac and Fanny Mae to support one-legged Obamacare, standing on  one wooden leg. Now that Trump is erasing his failed legacy Obama can’t rest.  He’s even got the real fast and furious Eric Holder behind him.  Things are really starting to stir up in Washington D.C.  He’s even created a website where his progressive protestors and agitators can print a manual of Obama grief for our healing and wounded Nation.

Meanwhile, with all the Obama Administration secrecy and denial of President Trump winning the election and moving the Country forward Obama has set up camp just two blocks away from the White House in Washington D.C. where he’s now set up camp, his own progressive coop disguised as democratic to bring the Trump Administration down to protect his failing legacy. We all know his real true agenda is to destroy America and turn her into a third world country of globalism and socialism where he can be a dictator. With news headlines spreading across the Nation that his former Senior Advisor Valerie Jarrett and some of his former staff have moved in with him. He even has an office that he calls the west wing.  Sounds eerie, narcissistic! Ghostly! Ghost of President Past!


Obama isn’t taking it easy as a retired president.  His plans some could say are on the version of treason to bring another president down..





The Highlights of President Trump’s Sixth Week In Office

President Trump plans for another busy week ahead as he faces more challenges and opposition to get his Cabinet complete with big tax and regulation cuts coming while fighting against illegal White House leaks.  We can all look forward with much anticipation as he: shapes, molds and repositions America into the superpower that she once was.  He has already decreased the National Debt by 12 billion dollars.  I would say he’s doing everything he promised and much more…I can’t wait to see what he does his sixth week in office!  This week we can expect to hear more about his modified executive order on immigration and Affordable Healthcare Act.  He will repeal and replace the failing Obamacare that’s crashing.  Monday he meets with the Nation’s Governors to discuss his plans and Tuesday he gives his first speech to Congress. It sounds like another exciting week for President Trump and our great Nation keep visiting our site as we update it as more information comes in.  God bless America!

Monday, February 27. We hear President Trump is cutting the budget to the EPA and plans on using this money and more to increase the budget for National Security and building up our military of 54 billion dollars.  President Trump is also meeting with leading health insurance companies around the Nation to discuss repealing and replacing Obamacare.

Press Conference:  The president is going to cut budgets and use unnecessary budgets to build up the military to keep America safe.  We are going to send less money overseas and use it here.  Mulvaney: Pres: Trump is proposing 603 billion to build our military.  The president met with 49 governors of the Nation how to rebuild America and our military.  The savings will be rational and beneficial to America.  We have to keep America safe and prosperous.

Spicer: For too long, the Federal Govt has not treated taxpayer dollars with respect, money has been wasted.  Not anymore…

Wilbur Ross, Secretary of Commerce should be confirmed today and signed in tomorrow.

The Pentagon presented its plan to defeat ISIS and what it will take.  We are concerned right now about the attacks going on against the Jewish people in our Nation. Everyone has the right to worship who they please we view this as a hate crime against Jews.

Tuesday, February 28, President Trump signed Into Law:

H.R. 255, which encourages the National Science Foundation to recruit and support women to expand their focus into the commercial world in its entrepreneurial programs;

H.R. 321, which requires the National Aeronautics and Space Administration to encourage women and girls to:  (1) study science, technology, engineering and mathematics; (2) pursue careers in aerospace; and (3) further the Nation’s space exploration efforts; and

H.J.Res. 40, which nullifies the Social Security Administration’s rule implementing the National Instant Criminal Background Check System (NICS) Improvement Amendments Act of 2007.

Address to Congress:  Awesome!

I’m going to create new job opportunities for women.

Department of Homeland Security and Department of Justice to put together a task force to get rid of those that have crossed across our Nation selling drugs.

We must have the rule of law at our borders.  We will start the construction along the southern border.  We are removing drug dealers and gangs that prey on our citizens.

Our obligation is to protect and defend U.S. citizens against radical Islam.

We will work with our allies to extinguish ISIS from our planet.

We are rebuilding our relationship with Israel.

We will defend our Constitution.

President Trump asks the senate to approve Justice Supreme Court Judge, Neil Gorsuch to the Supreme Court.

The time has come for National rebuilding.

America spent 6 trillion overseas and did nothing to rebuild America.

I will create new jobs for Americans by two cores buy American, hire American.

I will repeal and replace Obamacare. I will lower the price of healthcare insurance. Obamacare is failing and we must act to protect all Americans.

First, we should ensure that Americans with preexisting conditions have access to coverage and that we have a stable transition for Americans currently enrolled in the healthcare exchanges.

Secondly, we should help Americans purchase their own coverage through the use of tax credits and expanded Health Savings Accounts — but it must be the plan they want, not the plan forced on them by our government.

Thirdly, we should give our great state governors the resources and flexibility they need with Medicaid to make sure no one is left out.

Fourth, we should implement legal reforms that protect patients and doctors from unnecessary costs that drive up the price of insurance, and work to bring down the artificially high price of drugs, and bring them down immediately.

And finally, the time has come to give Americans the freedom to purchase health insurance across state lines — (applause) — which will create a truly competitive national marketplace that will bring costs way down and provide far better care.  So important.

Everything that is broken in our country can be fixed.  Every problem can be solved.  And every hurting family can find healing and hope.



VOICE: Victims of Immigration Crimes Engagement

Standing Ovation for deceased Navy SEAL Ryan Owen’s wife and the time he served and dedicated to our Country.  President Trump said his service and what he did will spread out through eternity, and the Bible says, there is no greater gift than to give your life for a friend and Country and Navy SEAL Ryan Owen’s did it all.  It was so refreshing to see a president finally standup for God and Country! God Bless America!

Wednesday, March 1,

Ryan Zinke (CONFIRMED)

Secretary of Interior

U.S. representative, Montana; member of House Natural Resources Committee; former Navy SEAL

New White House Executive Order On Immigration Travel Now Expected On Friday or Next Week.

See President Trump’s Full Speech to Congress:




Big dinner with Governors tonight at White House. Much to be discussed, including healthcare.

Russia talk is FAKE NEWS put out by the Dems, and played up by the media, in order to mask the big election defeat and the illegal leaks!

Great optimism for future of U.S. business, AND JOBS, with the DOW having an 11th straight record close. Big tax & regulation cuts coming!

This blog is updated hourly and daily to keep you advised!


Cabinet Update:

Rex Tillerson (CONFIRMED)

Secretary of State
James Mattis (CONFIRMED)

James Mattis (CONFIRMED)

Secretary of Defense
Steven Mnuchin (CONFIRMED)

Steven Mnuchin (CONFIRMED)

Secretary of Treasury

Trump campaign finance chairman; former Goldman Sachs partner; Hollywood producer

Jeff Sessions (CONFIRMED)

Jeff Sessions (CONFIRMED)

Attorney General


Secretary of Health and Human Services

U.S. representative, Georgia; chairman of House Budget Committee; orthopedic surgeon



Secretary of Education

Charter school advocate; philanthropist; Republican donor

Elaine Chao (CONFIRMED)

Elaine Chao (CONFIRMED)

Secretary of Transportation
Nikki Haley (CONFIRMED)

Nikki Haley (CONFIRMED)

U.S. Ambassador to United Nations
John Kelly (CONFIRMED)

John Kelly (CONFIRMED)

Secretary of Homeland Security

Retired Marine general; former commander of U.S. Southern Command

Linda McMahon (CONFIRMED)

Linda McMahon (CONFIRMED)

Administrator of the Small Business Administration

Former CEO of World Wrestling Entertainment

David Shulkin (CONFIRMED)

David Shulkin (CONFIRMED)

Secretary of Veterans Affairs

Under secretary for health for the Department of Veterans Affairs; former hospital executive

Mick Mulvaney (CONFIRMED)

Mick Mulvaney (CONFIRMED)

Director of Office of Management and Budget

U.S. representative, South Carolina; former South Carolina state senator and representative

Scott Pruitt (CONFIRMED)

Scott Pruitt (CONFIRMED)

Administrator of the Environmental Protection Agency

Oklahoma attorney general; former state senator

Wilbur Ross

Wilbur Ross (CONFIRMED)

Secretary of Commerce

Investor; former banker

Ryan Zinke

Ryan Zinke (CONFIRMED)

Secretary of Interior

U.S. representative, Montana; member of House Natural Resources Committee; former Navy SEAL

Ben Carson

Ben Carson (CONFIRMED)

Secretary of Housing and Urban Development

Former director of pediatric neurosurgery at Johns Hopkins Hospital; 2016 candidate for president

Rick Perry (CONFIRMED)

Secretary of Energy

Former Texas governor; former Texas agriculture commissioner, two-time presidential candidate



Those Still Waiting Approval Are:

  • Robert Lighthizer

    U.S. Trade Representative

    Former deputy U.S. trade representative

    Sonny Perdue

    Sonny Perdue

    Secretary of Agriculture

    Former Georgia governor

    Alexander Acosta

    Alexander Acosta

    Secretary of Labor

    Florida International University College of Law dean; former federal prosecutor; former labor relations board member

    White House

    Individuals Trump has appointed

    Reince Priebus

    Reince Priebus

    Chief of Staff

    Chairman of Republican National Committee

    H.R. McMaster

    H.R. McMaster

    National Security Adviser
    Stephen K. Bannon

    Stephen K. Bannon

    Chief Strategist

    Executive chairman of Breitbart News

    Donald McGahn

    Donald McGahn

    White House Counsel

    Former member of the Federal Election Commission

    Kellyanne Conway

    Kellyanne Conway

    Counselor to the President

    Former Trump campaign manager and senior adviser; pollster

    Sean Spicer

    Sean Spicer

    Press Secretary

    Chief strategist and communications director, Republican National Committee

EXCLUSIVE: Trump Took Future Green Berets into Oval Office in Q-Course First


President Trump, in his third week in office, met with a class of Green Beret candidates and brought them into the Oval Office for the first time in the course’s history.

The 18 Army officers in the Special Forces Qualification Course, or “Q-course,” were visiting the National Security Council in early February, as a normal part of the course.

But this time, Deputy Assistant to the President Sebastian Gorka, who was scheduled to speak to the students, had suggested that they meet the president.

The plan was to take them into the Roosevelt Room in the West Wing of the White House, but Trump decided to invite them into the Oval Office, to take pictures with them for their families.

“Halfway through the discussion, [Trump] said, ‘Hey — we’re not supposed to do this but follow me, and he brought them all into the Oval Office, took a group photograph around the Resolute desk, and then — throwing the schedules into a bit of a tizzy, said OK that’s not good enough,’” Gorka told Breitbart News in an interview.

“He said, ‘everybody stand in the corner.’ They all stood in the corner, and one-by-one we took photographs they can take home to their family with each future Green Beret next to the president at the Oval Office desk,” Gorka said.

“That’s how much he loves our soldiers — our warriors,” he said. Gorka had earlier brought up the meeting during remarks on a panel at the 2017 Conservative Political Action Conference on Friday. Under Obama, he said, they “wouldn’t have even gotten into the West Wing.”

The Feb. 7 meeting, which was announced a day in advance, was not covered at the time by any news outlet.

A source familiar with the preparations for the event told Breitbart News shortly after the event occurred that the president’s decision to meet with the officers set off an “intense” scramble.

The source said NSC officials scrambled to notify the Pentagon officials so they wouldn’t be surprised, and no preparation materials had been drafted — such as background information on the course, expected topics of discussion, biographies of the students, talking points for the president, or other materials normally produced for a presidential meeting.

The source characterized the meeting as a “photo op” for the president to “once again, wrap himself in the flag of the military.”

A White House official, responding to a query by Breitbart News, said the meeting was private and “couldn’t be publicized.”

“It’s noteworthy to take the time to do an event that couldn’t be publicized,” the official said.

Photos from the event were never publicly distributed.

Several Pentagon and Army officials denied there was any “scramble” and that they were notified earlier in the week about the meeting and characterized it as a “non-issue.”

“Army officials were notified of the photo opportunity with the President beforehand,” Army Col. Patrick Seibert told Breitbart News.

Gorka also dismissed the report there was a scramble and said the plan was conceived a week and a half in advance.

“The opposition media will of course want to spin it, which is just ridiculous” he said.

During his first month in office, Trump has engaged with members of the military at least four times.

He was sworn in on Jan. 20, and a week later on Jan. 27, he made his first trip to the Pentagon. There, he met with the Joint Chiefs of Staff and attended the ceremonial swearing in of Defense Secretary Jim Mattis.

A few days later, on Feb. 1, he made a private visit to Dover Air Force Base in Delaware, to receive the remains of Chief Petty Officer William “Ryan” Owens, a Navy SEAL who died of wounds during a mission in Yemen.

Five days later, on Feb. 6, he visited MacDill Air Force Base to meet with Central Command commander Army Gen. Joe Votel and Special Operations Command commander Army Gen. Tony Thomas. He also ate lunch with enlisted service members, and spoke with representatives of the multinational anti-ISIS coalition.

The next day, back in Washington, he would meet with the Special Forces Qualification Course students.

Trump has also had several strategy sessions with Mattis and Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Marine Gen. Joe Dunford, the White House official said.

The visits have prompted Democratic criticism that the president was inappropriately politicizing the military.

“The president’s efforts to politicize the military, starting with his remarks at the CIA memorial, are becoming a troubling rhetorical pattern,” Rep. Adam Smith (D-WA), the top Democrat on the House Armed Services Committee, said after Trump’s visit to Centcom.

Specifically, Smith cited Trump’s remarks at Centcom, where he said, “We had a wonderful election, didn’t we? And I saw those numbers, and you like me and I like you, that’s the way it works.”

Multiple exit polls showed that military veterans voted for Trump 2-1, according to the Washington Post.

A brief search of news articles showed that former President Obama had almost as many engagements with the military during his first month in office.

During the Commander-in-Chief inaugural ball, Obama video-conferenced in Illinois National Guard members who were serving in Afghanistan.

He first visited the Pentagon on day nine of his administration, two days later than Trump in his administration. About three weeks in, he visited with family members of those killed in the 2000 USS Cole bombing. He visited Fort Myers in Florida about a week later.

Happy President’s Day, President Trump!

Happy President’s Day to you, President Trump.  We were so excited that you made it to the White House and it’s no longer a liberal madhouse.

For all of those loyal trumpsters that got aboard the Trump Train.

And followed your campaign…

We are so happy that we can all say, Happy President’s Day!

Choo, Choo, all aboard the Trump Train!

Once aboard you’re forever changed you’ll never look back to what was but to what is to come.

New hopes, new dreams with new jobs and opportunities that will spread throughout peaceful cities and it’s all because of our new President.

Happy President’s Day, President Trump you changed the course of history and rescued us from a life of globalism and socialism misery.

We love you! Because of you, I can dream!












Army Preps For Civil Unrest In America’s Largest Cities As Risk Of Civil War Looms




Imagine, if you will, America’s cities being turned into battlefields. The sidewalks where average civilians once walked would be turned into paths for U.S. soldiers armed with weapons and bulletproof armor. The cars that once filled the streets would be replaced with military vehicles and tanks. Scattered fires and broken windows would be something you would see on every other block.

Sounds dark, doesn’t it? Truth be told, it may one day become a reality. (RELATED: Read about how martial law may soon be introduced in America)

Given the amount of political protests that occur today, many of which turn violent and downright destructive, the military is dedicating more and more time to train for urban warfare. Should one of America’s major cities fall apart at the hands of a massive, out of control riot, the United States military will need to go in and restore order. (RELATED: Did you know that food riots have already begun?)

In Southern Indiana, the U.S. army owns and operates a 1000-acre urban warfare training center, which contains more than 1,500 “training structures.” These structures are meant to simulate houses, apartment buildings, schools, hospitals, and other facilities that you would typically find in urban areas of the country. In 2015, it was reported that the U.S. military was conducting urban warfare training in Broward County, Florida. 200 military personal participated in the training, the goal of which was to prepare soldiers for battle in unfamiliar areas overseas. According the military, these urban locations couldn’t be replicated on a practice battlefield.

Major John Spicer is a former Ranger Instructor and scholar at West Point’s Modern War Institute. In an op-ed piece published just days ago, Spicer reminded readers that up until recently, armies have fought for cities rather than inside of cities. Today, however, “many armies have accepted that global population growth and urbanization trends will increasingly force military operations into crowded cities, and military forces must therefore be capable of conducting the full range of operations in large, dense urban areas.”

Of course, there is both an upside and a downside to a military that is prepping for urban warfare. The obvious advantage is that in the event of a massive riot where one of America’s major cities is teetering on the brink of collapse, the military would be able to restore order in a relatively short amount of time. This could save hundreds or even thousands of lives, and help prevent physical damage to personal property.

The question is, once the military successfully restored order, would it withdraw from the city and return the streets to the people? Typically, the federal government is only interested in accumulating power; it rarely volunteers to surrender it on its own. If this were the case, it would inevitable lead to serious infringements on individual liberty and civil rights.

There are many people in this country who are very fearful of the idea of a military takeover in America. There have been television shows created about it, and thousands of personal stories can be found online of people who are taking every precaution. Often referred to as “preppers,” these people spend thousands of dollars building underground bunkers, escape vehicles and makeshift weapons to use should society one day collapse. Most preppers have very elaborate escape routes as well, leading them to safe, often remote locations, away from civilization.

Should America’s major cities one day be taken over by the United States military, virtually no one would be immune from the inevitable looting, riots and chaos that would take place. It makes sense then, that if you a prepper, the smartest thing to do would be to make arrangements to seek refuge as far from the city as one can possibly get.

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Trump Takes First Steps In Restoring Shrunken Military



While President Obama did indeed inherit military conflicts in Iraq and Afghanistan from his predecessor, President George W. Bush, he chose to maintain those conflicts and even added forces in Southwest Asia shortly after he took office.

But Obama (and Congress) also presided over a drawdown of U.S. forces not seen in decades, and today, incoming President Donald J. Trump has a military that is badly in need of growth and an overhaul. Both will need to happen, and as hastily as possible, if the United States is to be prepared to effectively deal with a range of threats and potential crises.

Writing in The Daily Signal, Lt. Gen. Thomas W. Spoehr, U.S. Army (Ret.), a director at the Center for National Defense at The Heritage Foundation, noted that an executive order issued by the president during his first week in office, which has gotten far less attention than those dealing with immigration policy, is a huge first step in restoring the U.S. military.

The order, titled “Rebuilding the U.S. Armed Forces,” instructs Secretary of Defense James Mattis to perform a 30-day analysis of the current overall force readiness, while assessing the military’s ability to conduct operations against the Islamic State and other pockets of Islamic terrorism, as well as near-peer adversaries and regional competitors. (RELATED: Stay current on the current state of national defense at

“This review is critically needed,” Spoehr wrote, adding that the Heritage Foundation has been out in front encouraging just such a review, based on the think tank’s own assessment of the U.S. military contained in a report called, “Heritage 2017 Index of U.S. Military Strength.” The assessment examined “overall military capability as ‘marginal, trending towards weak’ because of many years of budget cuts and overuse.”

Spoehr said the assessment found that the U.S. Army, at present, is the smallest it’s been since the beginning of World War II, the Navy is the smallest since World War I, and the Air Force is suffering from a critical lack of pilots and maintenance personnel. (Heritage found the average Air Force plane is 27 years old.) And, as National Security has reported, Marine Corps aviation is practically on life support.

“For too long the nation, and the president, has neglected the state of military readiness in favor of other priorities,” Spoehr wrote. “This 30-day review will allow the defense secretary and the president to establish the facts and determine the necessary priorities for the rebuilding of the military.” (RELATED: What’s the latest and coolest survival and prepping equipment? Find out at

In addition, the retired general noted, the commander-in-chief’s order calls for measures aimed at reducing “commitments not directly related to the highest priority operations to make resources available for training and maintenance,” something he believes is long overdue.

As further noted in the document, “Blueprint for Balance,” the Pentagon spends hundreds of millions of dollars each year on programs unrelated to the military’s primary mission of defending the nation and waging war.

“Although there won’t be enough resources identified just through cuts and efficiencies to fix the Pentagon’s readiness problems,” Spoehr noted, “every little bit helps.”

Most important, perhaps, is that Trump’s order directs Mattis and the director of the Office of Budget and Management to craft a new emergency funding request for the coming fiscal year (which began Oct. 1), and to make appropriate changes to the not-yet-released military budget request for Fiscal Year 2018. The commander-in-chief wants to make sure funds are available to speed up force reconstruction. (RELATED: Stay current on the current state of national defense at

“That direction aligns with recommendations from both Sen. John McCain, R-Ariz., and Rep. Mac Thornberry, R-Texas. McCain and Thornberry, the chairmen of the Senate and House Armed Services Committees, respectively, both have a clear-eyed view of the critical state of the U.S. military and have written persuasively on the need for additional defense funding,” the retired Army general wrote.

And, finally, the order calls for a new nuclear posture and reviews of missile defense, two areas vital to our defense that suffered immeasurably under the Obama administration. The think tank, Spoehr said, has regularly and loudly proclaimed the need for reviews and for additional investments into the country’s nuclear and missile defense technologies.

J.D. Heyes is a senior writer for Natural News and News Target, as well as editor of The National Sentinel.


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Former President Obama Sets Up Coup To Overthrow President Trump and Save His Legacy

Former President Obama has set up a page to train tens of thousands of his progressive agitators to protest against President Trump’s new policies and executive orders to try to save his legacy.   He instructs his progressive agitators with a full manual of instructions with steps how to protest at upcoming events.  We have never seen anything like this in American history.  Former President Obama has his progressive protesters protesting to keep the failed Obamacare.  Obama has named his group Organizing for Action, a group self-funded by him and his progressive friends. He plans on hitting Republican lawmakers and suggest to his protesters to bully GOP lawmakers into backing off their support for repealing Obamacare and building a border wall.  OFA calls on his progressive protestors to mobilize against Republican from now until February 26, when representatives are going to be in their home districts.

The manual, published with OFA partner “Indivisible,” advises protesters to go into halls quietly so as not to raise alarms, and “grab seats at the front of the room but do not all sit together.” Rather, spread out in pairs to make it seem like the whole room opposes the Republican host’s positions. “This will help reinforce the impression of broad consensus.” It also urges them to ask “hostile” questions — while keeping “a firm hold on the mic” — and loudly boo the the GOP politician if he isn’t “giving you real answers.”

The protesters disrupted town halls earlier this month, including one held in Utah by House Oversight Chairman Jason Chaffetz, who was confronted by hundreds of angry demonstrators claiming to be his constituents.

Obama sets up shadow-government to overrun and overrule and overthrow  President Trump.  The question is, is this treason by a Former.President, and can he be held accountable?



In a new Facebook post, OFA calls on activists to mobilize against Republicans from now until Feb. 26, when “representatives are going to be in their home districts.”




The Highlights of President Trump’s Fifth Week In Office

President Trump ends his fourth week in office and first month in Melbourne Florida where President Trump held a rally with 100,000s showing their support of our ongoing president and his orders. First Lady Melania opened his speech with the Lord’s Prayer.  President Trump got many applauses for his speech and his fight against fake media.  President Trump remembers all of those that elected him President of the United States and he promises to keep all of his campaign promises.  His first agenda this week is to keep Americans safe!

President Trump will start the week preparing for his new revised modified tweaked executive order on the travel ban to appease others.

President Trump’s holding interviews today with 4 candidates for National Security Advisor. The four candidates Lt General Robert Caslen, Former UN Ambassador John Bolton,  Lt General Kellog and Lt General H.R. McMaster.  The White House is speaking with these four, the president has the right to pick anyone he chooses without Congresses’ approval.

Secretary of Defense General Mattis is using U.S. Soldiers to retake Mosul from ISIS.

Vice President Pence reassured NATO at Munich Security Conference.  Secretary of Defense General Mattis says NATO is critical to America’s defense.  President Trump says all of NATO’s 28 members need to provide monetarily only 5 of the members help support NATO leaving it up to America and that’s not fair to us.

President Trump’s new executive order on travel ban is to exclude those with green cards already issued and interpreters that worked with our military’s intelligence department.

President Trump: H.R. McMaster is our next National Security Advisor. He’s the author of  Dereliction of Duty he examined the mistakes made during the Viet Nam war and a graduate of West Point. He can examine now the mistakes made with ISIS and move forward. He also has a  PhD degree at North Carolina’s Chapel Hill University.  He has a chest full of medals from serving in Iraqi Freedom.  He devised a plan to divide Al Qaeda and their supplies. He’s more than qualified for the position. He’s an independent thinker.  He’s credited for turning the Iraq war around during a rough period in time. McMaster seems to be more Hawkish and he sees Russia as a possible rising threat to America.  He studied Putin’s destabilization strategy in Europe.


The ending of catch and release:

Dreamers will be allowed to stay: DACA is an American immigration policy started by the Obama administration in June 2012 that allows certain undocumented immigrants to the United States who entered the country as minors to receive a renewable two-year period of deferred action from deportation and eligibility.

Border wall: We may use helicopter landing pads that were used during the Vietnam War, corrugated steel that’s been recycled steel to keep the cost down.

We have to have a safe country.  We have to let people in that are going to love our country, not hate our country.

White House Briefing with Press Secretary Sean Spicer.

General McMaster needs a few days to get his team ready.

White House moves forward on DHS proposal for more aggressive measures. Those who commit crimes will be the first to go.  ICE Priority who is targeted by immigration. Immigration will prioritize criminal acts, such as gangs and the drug cartel.  Every country has their rules.  We have our rules.  We want to make sure that DHS and ICE have the authority that they need to keep the country safe.

Vice President Pence is doing a great job representing the United States he understands a strong NATO means a safer world.

President Trump visited the slavery exhibits for the first time today at the Smithsonian.  He was with Dr. Ben Carson and his wife Candy, as Dr. Ben Carson was made part of history it was very moving for the president.

Wednesday, February 22, President Trump reverses transgender restroom order by Obama where any sex could use whatever restroom they chose depending on how they’re feeling that day.  President Trump said it was all based on science and the states that it wasn’t a federal law. He was going to leave it up to each state. Scratch Transgender unsex restrooms.

Friday, February 24, President Trump speaks at CPAC saying he’s been busy, he started meeting with business leaders when he was President-elect Trump.  Now that he’s the president he hasn’t stopped.  He’s bringing more jobs back to America and removing EPA restrictions from coal miners, so they can get back to work and get off of welfare.  He’s making the American Dream reachable! He promised to keep America safe and isn’t going to apologize to anyone when it comes to keeping Americans safe.  He said his team has been working on getting the bad guys out.  General Kelly is doing a great job.  They don’t need to be here and we don’t want them here.  He said the border wall is going to be going up sooner than expected.  The audience gave him several standing ovations as they saw that he was keeping his campaign promises.  He said his main thing was to strengthen our military and make us a superpower where no one will want to mess with us, They will see what we have and back off, we don’t want our country vulnerable to our enemies. He said he inherited a real mess with Obamacare to the National Debt.  But he’s going to fix it all and it starts by bringing jobs back to America and he met with the Nation’s top C.E.O.s this week and they’re all on board promising to bring jobs to the broken economy that Obama’s presence still shadows.

Saturday, Feb 25, President Trump releases Tweet that he will be skipping the Press Correspondents’ annual dinner.

I will not be attending the White House Correspondents’ Association Dinner this year. Please wish everyone well and have a great evening!


The media has not reported that the National Debt in my first month went down by $12 billion vs a $200 billion increase in Obama first mo.

Maybe the millions of people who voted to MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN should have their own rally. It would be the biggest of them all!

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Cabinet Update:

February 17, Administrator of Environmental Protection Agency Scott Pruitt confirmed.

February 16, Director, Office of Management and Budget: Representative Mick Mulvaney of South Carolina confirmed 51 to 49.

February 16, President Trump: Nominee For Secretary of Labor will be Alex Acosta

Department of Labor: Andrew Puzder drops out February 15th.

National Security Adviser Michael Flynn resigns over conversations with Russian ambassador about removing sanctions if Trump elected. Vice President Pence spoke to him about the allegations and Flynn denied it. Retired General Keith Kellogg named Acting National Security Advisor.  

Spicer calls Flynn’s resignation a trust issue.

President Donald Trump’s has 11 Cabinet Members So Far Confirmed Waiting on 8 more.

Department of Treasury: Steve Mnuchin awaiting confirmation February 13th.

Department of Veterans Affairs: Dr. David Shulkin confirmed February 13th.

Department of Health and Human Services: Representative Tom Price now confirmed.

In a party-line vote early Friday morning, the Senate confirmed Representative Tom Price of Georgia to lead the Department of Health and Human Services. Tom Price authored proposals to eliminate and replace Obamacare.

As HHS secretary, Price will now have the power to repeal and replace Obamacare. We can now look forward to affordable health care with premium coverage.

Secretary of State: Rex Tillerson status of nomination: Confirmed on a vote of 56 to 43 on February 1.

Department of Defense: General James Mattis confirmed on a vote 98 to 1 on January 20th.

Department of Justice: Senator Jeff Sessions confirmed on a vote 52 to 47 on February 8th.

Department of Homeland Security: Retired General John Kelly confirmed on a vote 88 to 11 on January 20th.

Department of Transportation: Elaine Chao Confirmed on a vote of 93 to 6 on January 31st.

Department of Education: Betsy Devos Confirmed on a 51-50 vote on February 7, with Vice President Mike Pence breaking the tie.

Ambassador to the United Nations: Governor Nikki Haley of South Carolina confirmed on a vote 96 to 4.

Director of C.I.A. Representative Mike Pompeo of Kansas confirmed on a vote 66 to 32 on January 23rd.

  • Department of Housing and Urban Development: Dr. Ben Carson. Awaiting floor vote.
  • Department of Energy: Former Texas Governor Rick Perry. Awaiting floor vote.
  • Department of Labor:
  • Department of the Interior: Representative Ryan Zinke. Awaiting floor vote.
  • Department of Commerce: Wilbur Ross. Awaiting floor vote.
  • Department of Agriculture: Sonny Perdue. Awaiting a hearing.



AP: Reports 100,000 National Guard To Round Up Illegal Immigrants: More Fake News: Not True: Tell The Press to Stop Lying

It was reported today through the Associated Press that President Trump was going to use 100,000 National Guards to round up illegal immigrants. It was reported by the White House’s Press Secretary Sean Spicer more fake news.  Fox News confirmed it today to be fake news.



Fake News Is Gossip, Hearsay, That’s Not True!

I guess the mainstream media hasn’t ever heard the term gossiping.  You know when someone hears something, then they tell someone and they tell someone until the original story is twisted all out of shape.  How many of us have heard things that weren’t true or half-true? So why is the media having a hard time understanding the leaks are true but the news is fake.  Guess what media if you don’t get this you aren’t that sharp, it means the news you’re getting is coming from a venomous gossiper that’s not credible. So why don’t you confirm on what you report as being the truth!  You are reporting hearsay.  Hearsay isn’t credible news, it’s lies. Get your stories straight, because right now they’re just stories. Not news!  Hey, fake new, I heard President Trump gave a single dad 10,000 that was going through rough times. Did you get that story, that’s real news! President Trump says he has never made any deals in Russia and has no debts in Russia.

President Trump says he has never made any deals in Russia and has no debts in Russia. But he believes that we should all get along in the world because both America and Russia have nuclear weapons and those weapons can destroy both countries.  Hillary Clinton gave 20% of America’s uranium to Russia, that’s real news. Why wasn’t that reported?




Who’s Involved In The Political Assassination of The Trump Presidency?

President Trump’s blaming White House leaks on the intelligence agency and media.  There are those that are trying to bring the Trump Dynasty down.  There’s also speculations that the former Obama Administration is involved. Right now the country is divided with a 48% approval rating to 47 disapproval.  It’s hard to understand when he’s doing everything he can to keep his campaign promises. He’s only in his fourth week in office and his oppositions aren’t letting down. He hasn’t even completed his Cabinet with all the democratic opposition and boycotts.  The democrats have been sore losers, and have tried to bully their way for the most part. They may have finally met their match a person they can’t bully to get their way!  President Trump has a lot of obstacles in the way of his presidency but he seems unstoppable.  But this is why he won the vote people knew it was going to take a strong leader with thick skin and faith that wouldn’t bow down. Meanwhile, the world leaders that have visited the White House have been very impressed with President Trump and the way he does business.  I think the rest of America should give him a chance.  Who knows he might be the best president in history.



The Highlights of President Trump’s Fourth Week In Office

President Donald Trump has a busy week planned ahead he starts the week with Prime Minister Justin Trudeau from Canada, to begin with where they will discuss trade and jobs and immigration making it fair for both parties. If you remember when Trump won the presidency Prime Minister Justin  Trudeau said, he should have read the ‘Art of the Deal’. What do you bet, I bet he’s read it now! He will now see and witness the business side of President Donald Trump and why he has been so successful in the gift of wisdom.

Prime Minister Trudeau: Said he has a special bond with America. He said Canada and the United States will always remain partners. He said many jobs depend on their partnership with the United States. Many of the jobs they have in Canada depends on America’s partnership.  They both share the same goal for their countries in the workforces and that women have the same opportunities as men in the workforce. That security and immigration need to work together. We need to keep our citizens safe on both sides of the border. We both have similar goals to create free, open societies to keep our citizens safe. Prime Minister Trudeau said that America and Canada have always been very strong allies we have fought many wars together, we haven’t always seen eye to eye, we have disagreements but we have always been able to work together.  He said concerning NAFTA there are millions of good jobs in America that bring good jobs to Canada this free flow of goods and services is good for both of our countries. He said that he knows his economy depends on America.

February 14, Prime Minister Netanyahu visits the White House tomorrow, I bet he doesn’t have to enter and exit through the backdoor anymore! He wasn’t welcomed by the previous administration to enter or exit through the front door, no more! The White House is preparing for Israel’s prime minister’s visit.

  • Pentagon: Russian spy ship spotted off the coast of Delaware.
  • President Trump signs repeal of Dodd-Frank Provision
  • President Trump signs order reversing Obama’s order on coal miners’ restrictions putting 1000s of coal miners back to work.


February 15, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu of Israel visits the White House with his wife Sara and First Lady Melania Trump along with the President are there to greet them upon their arrival to America and to the White House.  It was a very warm welcome for a change for Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.  The two most powerful world leaders are preparing for their first news conference. You can tell by the smile on Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s face that he feels welcomed!

President Trump says we will never forget what the Jewish people have endured.  The security challenges that Israel faces are enormous.

The United States stands with Israel in the fight against terrorism.

Prime Minister Netanyahu Israel has no better ally than the United States. I deeply value President Trump’s friendship.  Our alliance is based on a deep bond of common values. Under President Trump, the rising tide of radical Islamic terrorism can be reversed.

President Trump says he would like to see Israel slow down on settlements until they can reach and agreement.

Prime Minister Netanyahu says ‘It’s The Art of the Deal’ referring to President Trump’s  popular book.

Prime Minister Netanyahu says the Palestinians have to agree to stop saying the destruction of Israel.  They teach it in their schools they teach it to their children.  Palestinians must recognize the Jewish state. The Palestinians continue to call for the destruction of Israel. Prime Minister says Israel needs the land west of the Jordan if not there will be terrorist moving in there.  We must have it to keep our people safe.

President Trump: There has to be a peace agreement. Israel is going to have to show some flexibility if a deal is made.

Prime Minister Netanyahu Addresses Iran nuclear deal and saying they, have to have  sanctions against them for their violations.  President Trump has challenged Iran on nuclear deal violations.  It’s a nice change to see!  Don’t believe that settlements are the real issue. There is no better friend to Israel than President Donald Trump!

President Donald Trump: You’re going to see a lot of love between us and Israel.

February 16, President Trump: Nominee For Secretary of Labor will be Alex Acosta

President Trump approval rating at 55% today and climbing.

President Trump said he inherited a mess domestically and internationally. I inherited a real mess.

President Trump: ISIS is spreading like cancer another bad thing he inherited, and he’s placed sanctions on Iran for their erratic testing. He’s having problems getting his Cabinet together because the democrats have screwed everything up. They won’t or delay approving his qualified Cabinet people.

President Trump: Administration is running like a fine-tuned machine.

President Trump: Have withdrawn from job-killing, disaster known as TPP.

President Trump: We have ordered that the drug cartel crossing the borders be destroyed we are becoming a drug country where drugs are cheaper than candy bars, no more.

President Trump: We are going to have a border wall that actually works.

President Trump: Administration is working night and day to keep Americans safe.

President Trump: We have started the Keystone Pipeline and we are going to use American steel.

President Trump: I have started a five-year lobbying career process foreign and domestic.

President Trump: New Executive Actions Next Week to Protect Americans.

President Trump: Preparing to repeal and replace Obamacare.

President Trump: Our Cabinet will be one of the greatest in history.

President Trump: We are bringing many jobs back to America, Intel will bring 10,000 jobs, Walmart 10,000 jobs and there are many more.

President Trump: I have kept my promise to the American people, I have nominated a great judge that will be a defender of the law and Constitution, Neil Gorsuch.

President Trump: Mike Flynn is a great person I asked for his resignation and he gave it.  He was just doing his job, he called 30 countries or more about our new administration and working with them. He didn’t do anything wrong, he just couldn’t remember what he said, and that wasn’t good enough for me.  Fake news got a hold of it and made something out of nothing. I don’t think he did anything wrong he didn’t give Vice President Mike Pence the proper information.

President Trump: Own nothing in Russia, don’t have any deals in Russia and have no debt with Russia. It’s all fake news.

President Trump: Media writes stories about me but never call asking for comment.

President Trump: We have Pompeo and Coats, we’re waiting for them to get into position to be approved so they can do their jobs, once they get into position these leaks should stop. Right now we are working with two administrations until we get all of our people in place. These leaks are criminal activity there will be a penalty.

President Trump: Have called DOJ to Look Into Leaks.The leaks are real but the news is fake.

President Trump: I can handle a bad story as long as it is true but these stories are all fake news.

President Trump: Did not direct Flynn to discuss sanctions with Russia.

President Trump: Fox News is fair to me but the other news is hatred. The tone from the media is hatred.  The people don’t believe the press anymore. Amazed by the hatred, venomous tone coming from some TV networks.

President Trump: It is important for the public to have an honest press.

President Trump: We had Hillary Clinton did a reset with Russia and gave them 20% of our uranium. No one bothers to talk about that. I’ve done nothing with Russia. I think it would be great to get along with Russia. I don’t think that’s a bad thing.

President Trump: It would be great if we could get along with Russia.

If we could get along g with Russia it would be a positive thing not a negative thing as well as with other countries like China.

President Trump: I think that Putin believes now that we can’t make a deal because of all the fake news. It’s politically incorrect.  We are a powerful nuclear country and so is Russia. We need a good relationship with them.

President Trump: Don’t think Putin is testing me with recent provocations of spy ship on the coast of Delaware.  I’m not going to tell the press what I’m going to do about it. I’m not going to announce where I’m going to be with a date.

President Trump: I’m not going to talk to the press about military interventions.

President Trump: Travel ban we had a very smooth run for the travel ban but we had a bad decision.

President Trump: Rollout of the travel ban was very smooth.

President Trump: I am the least anti-semitic person you have ever seen.

President Trump: We will have a new executive order on immigration next week.

President Trump: We have made incredible progress over the past four weeks.

President Trump: Is going to be a fabulous First Lady. Melania has started the White House tours. She will also have Ivanka assisting her, they’re both fabulous ladies.

President Trump: We are going to be working very hard on crime and education in inner cities.

President Trump: It is important that we unify the country. This country was divided for eight years. We lived in a divided nation. I am going to do everything in my power to stop it.

Saturday, February 18, President Trump ends the week in Melbourne, Florida with a rally.





President Trump shows his charm and personality getting along with world leaders.



President Trump: North Korea is a big problem we will work on that.

President Trump ended last week with a visit from one of America’s strongest allies Japan’s Prime Minister ABE, where they agreed on making America Great Again! President Trump stays firm on trade, jobs, and immigration with his new friends.


Cabinet Update:

February 17, Administrator of Environmental Protection Agency Scott Pruitt confirmed.

February 16, President Trump: Nominee For Secretary of Labor will be Alex Acosta

Department of Labor: Andrew Puzder drops out February 15th.

National Security Adviser Michael Flynn resigns over conversations with Russian ambassador about removing sanctions if Trump elected. Vice President Pence spoke to him about the allegations and Flynn denied it. Retired General Keith Kellogg named Acting National Security Adviser.  

Spicer calls Flynn’s resignation a trust issue.

President Donald Trump’s has 11 Cabinet Members So Far Confirmed Waiting on 8 more.

Department of Treasury: Steve Mnuchin awaiting confirmation February 13th.

Department of Veterans Affairs: Dr. David Shulkin confirmed February 13th.

Department of Health and Human Services: Representative Tom Price now confirmed.

In a party-line vote early Friday morning, the Senate confirmed Representative Tom Price of Georgia to lead the Department of Health and Human Services. Tom Price authored proposals to eliminate and replace Obamacare.

As HHS secretary, Price will now have the power to repeal and replace Obamacare. We can now look forward to affordable health care with premium coverage.

Secretary of State: Rex Tillerson status of nomination: Confirmed on a vote of 56 to 43 on February 1.

Department of Defense: General James Mattis confirmed on a vote 98 to 1 on January 20th.

Department of Justice: Senator Jeff Sessions confirmed on a vote 52 to 47 on February 8th.

Department of Homeland Security: Retired General John Kelly confirmed on a vote 88 to 11 on January 20th.

Department of Transportation: Elaine Chao Confirmed on a vote of 93 to 6 on January 31st.

Department of Education: Betsy Devos Confirmed on a 51-50 vote on February 7, with Vice President Mike Pence breaking the tie.

Ambassador to the United Nations: Governor Nikki Haley of South Carolina confirmed on a vote 96 to 4.

Director of C.I.A. Representative Mike Pompeo of Kansas confirmed on a vote 66 to 32 on January 23rd.

  • Department of Housing and Urban Development: Dr. Ben Carson. Awaiting floor vote.
  • Department of Energy: Former Texas Governor Rick Perry. Awaiting floor vote.
  • Department of Labor:
  • Department of the Interior: Representative Ryan Zinke. Awaiting floor vote.
  • Department of Commerce: Wilbur Ross. Awaiting floor vote.
  • Department of Agriculture: Sonny Perdue. Awaiting a hearing.
  • Director, Office of Management and Budget: Representative Mick Mulvaney of South Carolina. Awaiting floor vote.


There’s Pride In Being An America Pilot


You see how proud these fighter pilots are of the American flag.

And you will hear them brag.

They understand how hard it is to keep that flag red, white and blue, and they fight for me and you!

You see that flag has been through a lot of battles, and there have been those that wanted to change its colors.

But these true heroes understand the meaning behind all the colors.

And they fight for those colors to remain red, white and blue for me and you!