The Great Trump Border Wall Will Be a Solar Wall

How ingenious is our president?  He said he would make Mexico pay for that wall, but it looks like with these new plans the wall will exceed itself and pay for itself.  Only President Trump could think of such a great idea.  The taller the wall and wider the more energy it will produce.  We are talking about a wall with state of the art technology.  I get excited just thinking about it!  Think about a wall that could signal law enforcement of the most wanted criminals.  A wall that takes pictures, and projects this image across the wall to the most wanted list. Could this wall read fingerprints and facial images? Could President Trump possibly get an award for the most energy saving person in the world? Could we eventually see these border walls in all gullible states?  Yes, and the liberals are shaking their heads, oh, no, not him, again!  Yes, when President Trump sets his mind to do something, wisdom sets in and the job gets done! Go, President Trump, Go! Build that wall!  Should it be called the Wall of Wisdom?


border wall