Russia Did Not Interfere In Election: Putin Swallows Kelly and Spits Her Liberal Lies Out


Vladimir Putin says he met with Megyn Kelly more than he did with anyone from the Trump campaign. He accused the media in America of lying and making a weapon out of nothing at all.  Vladimir Putin proved himself to be sharp and ready for the traps set. He’s too smart for an opportunist to bring him down.  Sorry, Kelly!  It looks like she got stuck in the Russian pudding.



Putin Presents Russian Passport to Hollywood Actor Seagal




Baku-APA. Russian President Vladimir Putin presented a Russian passport to U.S. actor Steven Seagal on Friday and said he hoped it would serve as a symbol of how the fractious ties between Moscow and Washington are starting to improve, APA reports quoting Reuters.


At a Kremlin ceremony where Seagal signed his new passport in front of Putin, the Russian leader said: “I want to congratulate you and express the hope that this is another, albeit small, gesture and it might be a sign of the gradual normalization of relations between our countries.”


When Putin then asked how he was doing, the actor replied that “everything is good. We will talk later. For now just honored to be here.”


Putin, a fan of the kind of martial arts that Seagal often practices in his Hollywood action movies, signed an order at the start of this month to grant Russian citizenship to Seagal.


At the time, a Kremlin spokesman cited Seagal’s “warm feelings towards Russia” and his celebrity as the reasons for granting the gesture.


For more than a decade Seagal, who according to his own website is 64, has been a regular visitor to Russia. His movies, including such titles as “Under Siege” and “Sniper: Special Ops,” are popular with Russian audiences.


Seagal is the latest Western celebrity to have been given a Russian passport in the past few years. In 2013, Gerard Depardieu, a French actor, was given citizenship by Putin.

After Election Things Are A lot Less Tense with Russia



Baku-APA. The Kremlin announced the two held a phone conversation on Monday, APA reports quoting sputniknews.

Trump and Putin reportedly shared their views on combating international terrorism and extremism, and on settling the crisis in Syria.

Putin reportedly congratulated the president-elect on his victory, and wished him success.  The Russian president reportedly told the US president-elect that Russia is ready to maintain constructive dialogue with the new US administration, based on principles of equal rights, mutual respect, and non-interference in the international affairs of one another.

The Russian president reportedly told the US president-elect that Russia is ready to maintain constructive dialogue with the new US administration, based on principles of equal rights, mutual respect, and non-interference in the international affairs of one another.

“President-elect Trump noted to President Putin that he is very much looking forward to having a strong and enduring relationship with Russia and the people of Russia,” Trump’s transition team said in a statement. According to the Kremlin, both stressed the importance of building a strong foundation for bilateral ties through economic development.


Sept. 30, 2016

DANGER – Tensions Rising Sharply Between Nuclear Superpowers

Tension between Russia and USA rose dangerously, on Thursday 29th of September, as the spokesman of the American Pentagon proceeded to indirect, still clear and quite unprecedented threats, about what can happen to Russian soldiers, interests and even cities, if Moscow and Damascus do not alter their policy in Syria. In the same time the US Secretary of State is threatening with suspension of talks with Russia on the situation in Syria.

I heard it got so bad that the defcon level was raised to a three, and now it’s a five.

Defcon nuclear threat REDUCED to safest level following Donald Trump victory



If so, why are there so many riots when President-Elect has already made peace with Russia. Why isn’t the liberal media admitting the truth?  America and Russia were about to go to war.  We can now breathe, and exhale, this time we have someone working in the best interest of Americans.

The New One World Order is on its way

“We are dealing with a criminal undertaking at a global level … and there is an ongoing war, it is led by the United States, it may be carried out by a number of proxy countries, which are obeying orders from Washington …The global war on terrorism is a US undertaking, which is fake, it’s based on fake premises. It tells us that somehow America and the Western world are going after a fictitious enemy, the Islamic state, when in fact the Islamic state is fully supported and financed by the Western military alliance and America’s allies in the Persian Gulf. …They say Muslims are terrorists, but it just so happens that terrorists are made in America. They’re not the product of Muslim society, and that should be abundantly clear to everyone on this floor. …The global war on terrorism is a fabrication, a big lie and a crime against humanity.” (source) (source) – Dr. Michel Choissudovsky, Canadian Economist & Ottawa’s Professor of Economics

WWIII Putin tells Everyone Who Created ISIS

President Vladimir Putin reveals the truth who started ISIS.  ISIS started out as paid mercenaries.  They receive pay. They go back and forth to the highest bidder. He said he even knows how much money they’re paid. These aren’t just a bunch of guys that said lets takeover Syria.  These guys were paid by the US, and some joined allies.  ISIS backfired.  They hired mercenaries to oust Assad and the mercenaries became their own terrorist group, ISIS and now ISL.  They got over to Syria and saw they had free reign. And they started to gain territory along with sex slaves, in the process they started killing Christians as a sport.  They acquired oil fields and sold the oil without any sanctions being on them.  Putin said the US had to know who they were selling the oil to, they had to know who their customers were.  Putin went onto say, the person leading from the White House cannot be trusted.  He said, he wasn’t saying that about all Americans, but the politicians leading the country.

No love Lost between President Vladimir Putin and Obama

russia putin

It’s become obvious to President Vladimir Putin that the Obama administration uses terrorist to get their way in the Middle East and threatens Americans as well with high tone rhetoric.  The Christians in America aren’t even sure where they stand.  They sit back and watch what’s happening to Christians in the Middle East, it isn’t with ease.  They wonder if they’re next. The patriots and christians think alike, they have no respect.  President Vladimir Putin has said the Obama administration has mush for brains.  They make no sense.  There’s no longer any pretense when the obvious is exposed.  President Vladimir Putin proved to other world leaders that the Obama administration has been playing immature wargames, but not ahead in the war against terrorism.  It’s all been child’s play.  President Vladimir Putin has nothing nice to say about American leadership and now questions whether America should be considered as a world leader when they endanger the world with their hired in-house terrorism.  President Vladimir Putin says America can no longer be trusted and no one can depend on them to take the bold move against terrorism.  American leadership has failed their military and their country as well and has been a let down to the world in general.  This is no longer the day of Reagan where justice was served, but we have reached lawlessness behavior and bullies that push their way to get their ways.  America rewards evil and not good.  It appears the Obama administration wants to do away with the values of moral Christians and turn the world into a Muslim world.  Obama turned his silent ears to the cries of the tortured and raped Christians in Syria.  He had one agenda to oust Assad and watch ISIS grow to become the driven force of the Ottoman Empire.  This leaves many Americans wondering, what’s going to happen next?  And now, many are wondering is Putin going to save the world?  Putin has every right to feel the way he does, many of us feel the same way.  We wait for the day, when America can proudly hold her head up once again.  I read the news daily watching and taking it all in, and thinking to myself, why couldn’t this be America?  But this must be Russia’s time in history, where all can see the superpower in this day and hour.  Russia fights with loyalty and passion understanding all the consequences of the hour in power.  It reminds me of the saying, “with great power, comes great responsibility,”  And Russia has proven, they have  the muscle ability.  America must prove they are not a disability in the war against terrorism.  This is the only way that America is going to get their respect back, where allies have their backs.

Russia, the superpower in action

Russia ships caspian sea

You have to be mesmerized to see the Russian superpower in action.

You see what can happen in a fraction.

Putin continues to draw all the attraction.

With his superpower extraction.

We are reminded just what a superpower can achieve, when they go into complete action.

There’s no liberal distraction.

Only honest subtraction.

In a continued chain reaction.

This is what I call, affirmative action.

Wouldn’t you love to read the coalition’s transaction?

Putin loyally goes into affirmative action.

And we see the world’s mesmerized reaction…

putin and gold

This man deserves the gold,

as time’s war unfolds…

He’s so bold…

Russia’s Pounding ISIS and taking no names or hostages

Russia warplane.jpeg quest

Moscow, Oct 19 Spokesman for the Defense Ministry, Ígor Konashenkov, confirmed today that Russian aviation accomplished 33 missions in the past 24 hours in Syria and destroyed 49 logistical targets of the Islamic State and other terrorist groups

The Major General said Aerospace Force units of Russia took off from the Hmeymin air base and decimated targets of the extremists in Aleppo, Damascus, Idlib, Latakia and Hama provinces.

An Al Nusra command post was dismantled in Idlib ahile a home-made bomb facility was destroyed in Aleppo.

The General said the precision attacks by Moscow’s military planes in Damascus province caused a qualitative change in the operational situation in the area, chacterized now by a mass stampede of IS forces lacking ammunition to continue fighting.

Intelligence sources reported that several detachments made up of some 100 Jihadists each abandoned their positions Sunday night and fled for Marj Sultan town.

Head of the Center for Analysis of World Arms Trade, Igor Korotchenko, said the successful performance of Russian fighter-bombers Su-34 in the war against terrorism in Syria will increase the world demand for those planes.

Today, the President of the Federation Council (Senate), Valentina Matvienko, said that the extension of the operation of the Aerospace Forces from Russia in Syria depends on the results of the fight against IS and other terrorist groups, and ratified that Moscow will not take part in any land operation.

Russia has ISIS so scared, they’re crossdressing to get across the Turkey border

beards from ISIS

ISIS has become the hunted instead of the hunter.  The tables have turned,

Russian President Vladimir Putin has ISIS on the run and so scared of airstrikes that they’re crossdressing as women to get across the Turkey borders.  Putin’s showing no mercy towards ISIS militants.  Putin’s showing Obama how you really fight a war, and he’s taking no names or hostages.  The reports of fleeing Islamic State jihadists comes as at least 40 members of the group were killed in an airstrike in Hama, west-central Syria on Sunday.
Russia performed 40 airstrikes,  hitting all their targets. No wonder ISIS is on the run!  ISIS realizes with Putin they’re not dealing with an amateur anymore.  They’re on Russia’s timeline, and they’ve crossed Putin’s redline. Putin has set a deadline to have ISIS wiped-out. And Putin’s adding daily to the headlines. ISIS might need to start castrating themselves, if Putin starts  full body searches.

According to the London-based Syrian Observatory for Human Rights, as quoted by the BBC, at least 40 ISIS terrorists have been killed by either Russian or Syrian warplanes after a convoy in Hama province was bombed. The “charred bodies of fighters” were observed at the scene.

“The Observatory’s head said the planes could be Russian or Syrian but were not from the US-led coalition,” the BBC reports. An AFP report notes that eastern Hama has been bombed “almost daily” by Syrian military aircraft.

The Russian air campaign has been criticized for focusing on targets other than ISIS — especially rebel forces allied with the United States — while the Russian government loudly declares that taking down the Islamic State is its primary mission. If the Russians bombed this convoy, they will doubtless hold it up as proof that they are going after ISIS, although blowing up a single convoy and killing 40 militants is not exactly a major offensive.

On the other hand, some may question how ISIS is still dispatching truck convoys from its “capital” of Raqqa to destinations such as Hama, after months of what has been sold by the Obama Administration as an intensive anti-ISIS air campaign.

The UK Daily Mail had a report on Monday claiming that Russia’s air strikes have struck so much fear into the hearts of ISIS fighters that they are shaving off their beards and fleeing across the border into Turkey dressed as women.

Russia giving ISIS a taste of Hell with a flame thrower missile launcher that can level 8 blocks at a time

russia missile launcher

ТОS-1A — Russian 24-barrel multiple rocket launcher

Putin continues to show his muscle strength in Syria, proving to be the dominating force.

Putin’s calling for reinforces to put to sleep the trojan dark horse.

Putin’s not giving up on his predestined course.

To the world Putin’s the heroic guy armed and ready, riding the white horse.

But to the Chinese, Russia has all the characteristics of the great Fire Horse,

Destined to lead and stay on course.

Putin calls US refusal to meet with Russian delegation unconstructive

president putin

ASTANA, October 15. /TASS/. The US decision not to receive a Russian delegation led by Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev is “unconstructive,” Russian President Vladimir Putin said on Thursday.

“I believe this position is unconstructive. The weakness of this stance is based on the apparent lack of any agenda. It seems that there is nothing to talk about,” the Russian leader said aforeifter talks with his Kazakhstani counterpart in Astana.

Putin also said he could not understand why Washington criticizes Russia’s operation in Syria as it refuses to hold a direct dialogue itself. The Russian leader stressed that Russia “leaves the door open for” the discussion on Syria with all the parties concerned.

On Tuesday, Russian President Vladimir Putin called to be more serious about the work with partners on the Syrian settlement and suggested a Russian delegation be led by Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev. “I said we are ready to send a big delegation to Washington to discuss, first of all, issues of the Syrian settlement,” Putin said on Tuesday. “I think it can be a serious and representative delegation from Russia led by Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev.”

Putin said the delegation might include the top ranking military, such as a deputy chief of the General Staff, and security officers. “This work is to be taken to a serious, substantive level, if we want to work really efficiently,” Putin said, adding it was likewise important to work with the countries of the region too, including Turkey, Jordan, the United Arab Emirates, and Iraq.

“Yes, there are many mutual suspicions and mutual accusations, but if we don’t work towards a solution, it could never be found,” he said. “We hope we will be able to move along the path of settling political problems.”

Meanwhile, Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov said on Wednesday that the United States had refused to receive the top-level Russian delegation for talks on Syria and also said would not visit Moscow.

Lavrov said the US side was ready “to coordinate measures to prevent air accidents in the crisis region.”

“Today we got a reply that they cannot send a delegation to Moscow and receive a [Russian] delegation in Washington,” he said. “American colleagues are interested only in steps that could help avoid such accidents.”

“It is somewhat bitter but certainly, Russian pilots and U.S. pilots need to understand while high up in the sky over Syria who does what in order to avoid accidents,” Lavrov said. “The president has supported it. But we are ready to move forward and cooperate far more, in particular to reach the goal announced by the US-led coalition over a year ago – to destroy the Islamic State.”

The minister added that the US refusal to cooperate to destroy the Islamic State terrorists raised certain concerns.

Obama’s Paranoid at Putin’s Muscles and Trump is waving Freedom’s Flag

putin and obama1

I think Obama feels intimidated and paranoid by President Vladimir Putin.  Obama sees Putin’s muscles and strength, and he’s afraid of the new bully on the block.  I’m not calling Putin a bully, but this is how Obama views him.  Even Obama’s rhetoric in America has calmed down. Obama’s went back to his masked agenda, climate change.  He knows there’s a former KGB agent, and now president observing him, and seeing his weaknesses, and strength. Obama’s scared.  I don’t think he’s sure of his own future now.  He made some serious wrong decisions in the Middle East.  He has Russia, China, Turkey, Iran, they’re all watching him. Obama’s been put on the center stage.  They’re all looking and observing, and dissecting his military moves and motives, and ultimate agenda.  He got America involved in a war that wasn’t any of their business. He supplied weapons and vehicles to evil militants that became ISIS.  He should have known, who the receiving hands were.   Why would you drop weapons into the enemy’s hands? He saw how ISIS was torturing and mutilating Christians, but he turned his proud bogus head. Obama has a lot to answer for, the vital decisions he made in Syria that changed the course of the Middle East.  Obama sees some of these Middle Eastern world leaders turning against him, and not trusting him.  Now, we all have to wait and see, if Obama was instrumental in bringing an end to the world, as we know it.  And will America survive long enough, under this current administration to usher in a new fresh leadership. With a true honest vision to make America great again!  Many Americans feel that Donald Trump’s, the only honest running candidate that can bring America back again.  He speaks the truth and rings, Liberty’s Bell. He’s the voice that many Americans have been waiting to hear.  His voice rings loudly and freely. When American could foresee, death to America. Donald Trump showed them an old familiar shadow of the proud America that she once was, and could be. Where she could find absolution for her sins against humanity, and live in peace and wave her flag proudly, once again!

donald trump make america great

Obama’s Personal Menopause

obama hot flash

Obama’s been dealing with Syria like a woman going through menopause. Putin’s reminding him of the constant hot flashes that go along with it.  But Obama’s still looking for hormone replacement therapy.  He’s waiting for the next president to deal with this hot problem.  So he’s put Syria on immediate pause.  Obama just doesn’t have the same testosterone drive. He’s hit a hard cliff dive.  His passion is gay rights and fueling racism. That distracts every one of the true person he is beneath, the skin.  War is not his passion.  He would rather eat a food ration.  Putin’s challenging his manhood, and restricting the brotherhood.

Obama’s Red Line & Putin’s Red Line

obama and putin red lines

Okay, now, I understand, why Obama didn’t act, when his red line was crossed, it moved.  It wasn’t very stable, it must have been made from feather light sable? The light weight red scarf blew clear across the desert, with the wind pushing it farther. Then, Putin came in and defined his red line.  You can see it all across Syria, and he’s putting Obama in hysteria.  Putin’s still marking his red line. Putin must be drinking Red Bull. You can see the fright in the Washington area. Obama’s still looking for his red line.

Russia and America Fight together, not since World War II, Deja-vu

syria bomb effect

As I visit Russian websites, they say publicly that they’re worried about the war in Syria.  Russia doesn’t have good memories about fighting terrorist in Afghanistan.  But who does?  There seems to always be a repercussion of coming face to face with evil.  Some citizens in Russia remember that same horror that they faced in Chechnya, when Russia did airstrikes against the rebels.  It brings back those memories of hell, and they know, there’s no way that you’re not going to see civilian casualties, there’s going to be carnage.  The longer the rebels put up a fight, the harsher it will get.  That’s the sad realities of war.  It’s the same thing that happened in Chechnya.  When Russia fights, they don’t want any opposing ends, they want to get all the obstacles out of the way, so they can fight the real war against terrorism.  And just like us, Russians are concerned about their loved ones returning from war torn Syria safe.  It’s not easy for any family member to know that their loved one’s either on the receiving end, or tight end, dropping the bombs or dodging the bombs.  Not since World War II have Russia and America come together to fight evil, not since the day of Adolph Hitler.  Now we see a modern day version of what our families fought for, freedom!  Religious leaders say, if you remove al-Assad, Christians in Syria will have no chance at all, it will be the disintegration of Christians in Syria and possibly the Middle East.  Reverend Franklin Graham said he believed, the Russian airstrikes were bringing hope to Christians in Syria.  Can we see, Russia as Church Hill and FDR did during World War II? And reach the conclusion that we’re fighting a war globally to protect the world.  This war isn’t about any country in particular, but about the safety of human life and preserving Christianity around the world.

Franklin Graham on Russian airstrikes in Syria: They’re helping save Christian lives

franklin Graham

Reverend Franklin Graham views the Russian air strikes as a means to protect persecuted Christians.
There is no question that the airstrikes launched by Russia in Syria on Wednesday would cause a lot of trouble and damage. However, American evangelist Franklin Graham believes some good could still come out of it.

Speaking on Newsmax TV, Graham said the Russian airstrikes in Syria might just end up saving the lives of countless persecuted Christians.
“What Russia is doing may save the lives of Christians in the Middle East,” said Graham. “You understand that the Syrian government for their good and for their bad over the history of this country, they have protected Christians, they have protected minorities from the Islamists.”

The airstrikes were launched in the Syrian provinces of Homs and Hama, which have been hounded by a four-year-old civil war. The rebels living in these areas have been working hard to bring down the government of President Bashar al-Assad.

Should they succeed in toppling the government of Syria and its other institutions, Graham believes there would be “a bloodbath of Christians.”

“There would be tens of thousands of Christians murdered and slaughtered and on top of that, you would have hundreds of thousands of more refugees pouring into Europe. So Russia right now, I see their presence as helping to save the lives of Christians,” he said.

So far, the airstrikes have reportedly claimed the lives of at least 33 civilians, including children. Graham blames the Obama administration’s lack of leadership for their deaths and for many others’ suffering.

“If you look at ISIS, ISIS came about because of the failed leadership of President Obama. His generals told him not to pull the US troops out of Iraq. He did it anyway,” Graham said. “The government of Iraq began to marginalise the Sunnis. So when the Sunnis saw that they didn’t have a seat at the table anymore, ISIS was formed and they joined with the ISIS inside of Syria.”

Graham slammed Obama for being more invested in promoting same-sex marriage and the agenda of the gay and lesbian community than he is in protecting Christians.

“I’m not here to bash the gays and lesbians and they certainly have rights and I understand all of that, but this administration has been more focused on that agenda than anything else,” he clarified. “As a result, the Middle East is burning and you have more refugees moving today since World War II. It could have been prevented.”

Obama outsmarted by Putin

If I had one word to describe Obama it would be a noun.  He shows no action, but can deliver a speech.  Obama’s all talk and no show.  He can talk it, but he doesn’t walk it.  I think that’s how he won the presidential campaign.  Obama was a smooth talker, and people were ready for change.  But they weren’t ready for the change that he was bringing.  America has always been a strong country, and to see him try to dismantle what it took presidents for years to build is sad.  I’m not saying that we always had the wisest presidents, we had some that made some major mistakes, and that mistake going into the Middle East.  We should’ve never went there, we should have used our own resources and not have become dependent on a far eastern country for fuel. It was wrong.  We can look back and say now, if only!  America does face some harsh regrets, but no regret is bigger than seeing our U.S. military coming back in body bags, and having a president that didn’t have their backs.

Then you have President Vladimir Putin of Russia.  He proves to be a strongman.  I would say he’s a verb.  He shows all action.  He acts sometimes before he speaks.  We learned that the hard way!  Putin is ready to step in wherever he sees weakness.  He proves to be a world leader.  I would consider Putin and Netanyahu to be the strongest world leaders in the world.  These are two guys that you don’t play around with, and if you do, be ready!

Russian airstrikes hit eight IS targets in Syria Including Command Center: Defense Ministry

lavrov and kerry1

Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov (L) and U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry speak to the media regarding the current situation in Syria, at the United Nations headquarters in Manhattan, New York September 30, 2015.

Russian air forces carried out 20 sorties during the first round of air strikes against the Islamic State(IS) in Syria, hitting eight targets, including a command center, Russian Defense Ministry said on Wednesday.

Eight facilities held by the extremist group had been struck, with a command post and militant control centers in the mountainous areas of Syria being completely destroyed, according to the ministry.

The minister also released a 46-second video footage, which appeared to show dozens of ground targets in different locations being struck.

The strikes, stationed at a Syria’s airbase, were conducted after aerial reconnaissance and data clarification with the Syrian government forces, said Defense Ministry spokesman Igor Konashenkov.

No armament was used to target civilian facilities or within their vicinity, he added.

Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov reiterated Wednesday that Russia’s airstrikes in Syria would be temporary, “only for the period of offensive operations carried out by the Syrian army.”

Peskov also urged all involved countries to share information on anti-terrorism through different exchange channels, according to RIA Novosti news agency.

Russia started air campaigns targeting IS ground forces in Syria after the upper house of Russian parliament granted President Vladimir Putin approval to use the air forces in Syria on Wednesday.

Hours after Russian launched its first air strikes, the White House reiterated the need for the United States and Russia to “deconflict” their air operations inside Syria.

Russia Takes out ISIS’ Main Communication Center in Syria


Russian fighter jets target hitting ISIS’ communication center in Syria.  This was the terrorist group’s main control center of communication throughout the Middle East.  The Russian Ministry of Defense has confirmed that Russia carried out airstrikes against Islamic State communication centers and armed vehicles.  This should ease some that had some unrest, with Russia being in Syria!  This shows Russia’s KGB experience in taking out a command center.  Unfortunately today, there were some casualties of war.  Hopefully, after today the coalition can move on in a positive direction.



NEWARK, N.J. (AP) — Republican Presidential hopeful Donald Trump is agreeing with Russian President Vladimir Putin in his backing of Syrian President Bashar Assad.

Trump says in an interview on Fox News that he has no problem with Russia’s recent military buildup in Syria. And he says he thinks Assad may be preferable to the kind of people the U.S. is “supposed to be backing.”

The U.S. insists Syria’s future cannot include Assad. But Putin has cast his longtime ally as the best defense against Islamic State militants.

Trump also says Putin is getting an “A” in terms of leadership, while Obama isn’t doing so well.