The Future of America Depends On you!

I really believe we need to show our youth who the real heroes are that keep us strong as a nation and we need to show that we support our military, something that we proudly use to do.  I think if we do this we’ll have less crime in America and we will see more of our youth wanting to be an American hero too, by joining our military forces and wanting to be a protector instead of an agitator. We need to see some of our youth redirected. They need to know there’s a war going on, good against evil. You can help by supporting this site by visiting our advertisers or by sending military pictures and your personal stories and let’s work together and make America Great Again!

We’ve already collected 100s of pictures visit us and see what true American heroes look like!  Proud to be an American, and Proud of the USA! Proud of all of those that serve and defend us each day!  Because of them, we are still free today!




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